How Bar STarted Dishare

Bar has been an entrepreneur in the food industry for 8 years with his first startup Mishlohof. He loves food - but does have his limitations.

A few years ago, while on his honeymoon in Asia he found that his vegetarian wife and himself were spending too much time searching for food to discover what to eat.

It sparked an idea that turned into an addiction. Bar started to communicate with hundreds of people in the food delivery business including owners of food delivery apps, online magazines and blogs - only to discover that no one was utilizing the customers preferences.

The idea of a customer's "Foodprint", which combines the location of the customer with their dietary / taste preferences, is what sparked Dishare.

From there the app was born which has the ultimate goal of finding what the customer wants to eat wherever they are in the world.

Happy customers
Restaurants available
Successful deliveries
Customer satisfaction

Incredible Vision Started in 2016

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Our mission

Dishare is a Personalized Culinary Health-Sensitivity Platform based on Social networks, Crowdsourcing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps you decide what to eat and creates the ultimate dining experience.

The platform redefines the way people choose what and where to eat, exposes them to new experiences based on their “FoodPrint”, and helps them learn about healthy and sustainable food. As Spotify does for music, Vivino for wine, we do for food.

Dishare aim's to shorten and ease the decision-making process about what and where to eat, make a connection with a dining experience, and motivate people to try new restaurants and dishes - whether they are ordering in or dining out.

Our journey

It has been a long but incredible journey

Dishare has been battle tested since it was founded. From pandemics, wars around the world, and international inflation the team has finally released a world class application with the goal of creating a unique experience that pairs customers food preferences with dishes in their location.

March 2020

Dishare was founded

The idea of Dishare was two years old, but once Bar was quarantined for 14 days due to COVID he finally had time to formulate the business plan.

January 2021

Launched the MVP in Israel

Our target was 50 paying users in one month, but before the month was over, we had hundreds of paying users. Some loved the idea so much they subscribed for 6, 9, and 12 months.

November 2021

Raised Pre-Seed series

Bar met 923 Digital Ventures, a startup studio that pairs with successful entrepreneurs. NineTwoThree joined as both an investor and a product builder based on the business plan and belief in the product.

June 2022

Launched in the US and NYC

After just 4 months of development the day finally came to launch the MVP to test in NYC. While anyone can download the application, only users in NYC can utilize the services as the data from all the dishes needs to be populated by city. Let us know which city you want next!