Nov 30, 2022

Dishare – Dining a Different Way.

An article in written by Elizabeth Taylor

Dishare – Dining a Different Way

We are on love with this new concept that gives alternative ways to eat

"Look no further. Your new favorite way to dine is here.

We are in love with Dishare!

And you will be too after one try. If you are tired of boring takeout options and are ready for some foodie excitement in your life you will rejoice after trying this innovative new app. Imagine if your phone was your personal chef and best friend – they would be looking out for you. They would want for you to only have the best meal possible on the planet. And that is exactly what Dishare does.

Showing options that match your diet and preferences and ordering it for you is just a small part of the magic. With the system’s “Foodprint” all you have to do is wait for the doorbell. Start off selecting options that include food preferences to taste, genre of dishes, food allergies and vegetarian even. It’s like a carefully mapped out foodie adventure that takes you on an epic and glorious food journey to the land of yummy menus.

Working with delivery companies such as Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates, the food is promptly delivered to your home or office for the perfect meal in minutes. What is absolutely fantastic is that this certain breakfast, lunch, or dinner actually is a surprise. No longer do you have to ponder what to get. Let your taste buds and food desires and needs simply guide the app to select dishes for you. It’s fun and frankly a much-needed design.

Often you find yourself sitting and pondering what to eat. It can be boring and a task that ends up feeling like a let down. Instead, let your imagination run wild and have the most joyous excitement brought to your door. You can even manage the system to fill a craving for something over the top to indulge in or you can be healthy for the night. Truly, Dishare magically does it all.

Created by Bar, an entrepreneur and seasoned food industry expert, this concept started a few years ago, while on his honeymoon in Asia he found that his vegetarian wife and himself were spending too much time searching for food to discover what to eat.

It sparked an idea that turned into an addiction. Bar started to communicate with hundreds of people in the food delivery business including owners of food delivery apps, online magazines and blogs – only to discover that no one was utilizing the customers preferences. The idea of a customer’s “Foodprint”, which combines the location of the customer with their dietary / taste preferences, is what sparked Dishare.

From there the app was born which has the ultimate goal of finding what the customer wants to eat wherever they are in the world. Now you can try it yourself tonight and life will never be the same.

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