Jan 25, 2023

Dishare – Redefining the Way We Navigate the World of Dining

“There is no bad mustard and good mustard… there are only different kinds of mustard that suit different kinds of people…”

The author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell said in his Ted Talk “There is no bad mustard and good mustard… there are only different kinds of mustard that suit different kinds of people…”

Every person has their own food restrictions, culinary preferences, and diets. It’s a fact – our palates are different.

We understand how challenging it is today for people to navigate the dining world and keep true to their diet. Kosher, Vegan, and people who follow Ketogenic diets for example, may understand the challenges of how to verify their food ingredients and dining choices so that they maintain their diets.

Grilled chipotle mozzarella chicken burger

With millions of restaurants and dishes around us, the dining world is a difficult place to navigate. Individuals can take hours deciding what to eat, overwhelmed with choices and tons of data resources, and yet end up with the usual, familiar selections.

The famous psychologist Barry Schwarz calls it the Paradox of Choice, when we have too many options to choose from, the satisfaction rate will always decrease.

As the world is changing, especially after COVID19, we understand that everything we do in life creates social impact, including food related behavior, sustainability, nutrition personalization, wellness, food waste, and wellbeing.

At Dishare, we love food, but like most people, we have limitations. With dietary restrictions and a specific (sometimes deemed picky) palate, before we started Dishare, we sometimes found ourselves disappointed with the dish or the restaurant, especially when we were traveled, but also when we were eating in our own neighborhood.

Bar Reuven, Co-founder & CEO at Dishare: “A few years ago, while on our honeymoon in Asia, my vegetarian wife and I were spending way too much time searching for food to eat – apparently in most places in Japan, even the vegetarian ramen on the menu is based on a beef or pork soup stock! And yes, there are platforms such as Google Maps, Yelp, Happy Cow etc. but they are not personalized enough, don’t answer the need, and they don’t provide the fullest, relevant experience. Yes, we tried them in Japan as well, before we started thinking about Dishare.”

Grilled Salmon

Personalization is now part of our daily lives: Netflix for TV, Spotify for music, Vivino for wine, and so much more. We got used to it and we love it.

Above all, our rating, scoring and recommendations systems have become unreliable. We’re all familiar with the tricks:  how we get a free shot or dessert, just to give the restaurant 5 stars. 87% of people prefer a peer-to-peer recommendation when it comes to food. Think about it. What would you trust more: 1,000 ratings and 4.5 stars in Yelp, or your best friend’s recommendation about a new restaurant in Soho? It happened more than once that we said to ourselves “it’s overrated, it’s only the hype playing a part”.

We need to be able to know which recommendations are trustworthy are relevant. Someone with Celiac disease that likes spicy food, doesn’t eat mushrooms and olives, but likes eggplant, needs to be able to see what people who share the same tastes and restrictions as he does eat.

Imagine going home, to work, or to a friend’s house, scheduling a food delivery, and getting exactly the food you crave and being extremely satisfied. Now imagine this decision being made automatically for you, based on your “FoodPrint,” as we call it.

Dishare is a Personalized Culinary Health-Sensitivity Platform based on social networking, crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It helps people decide what to eat and creates the ultimate dining experience.

Crispy fish

The platform redefines the way people choose what and where to eat, exposes them to new experiences based on their “FoodPrint”, and helps them learn about healthy and sustainable food.

“To fully experience getting the best food without taking part in the search process, we came up with the concept of a subscription for surprise personalized food deliveries. You just need to pick the time and location, and our algorithm will choose the dish that matches your “FoodPrint”, and we’ll take care of the delivery with one of the food delivery platforms from a local restaurant near you.”

Dishare is available to download: and use all around the world. You can manage your profile, aggregate your food related content, follow others, mange a feed and posts, and more. Dishare’s fullest functionality is in the US in the NYC area, due to their strategic focus, but don’t let that stop you from using it anywhere.

We know it’s difficult to download a new app on your phone, but do yourself a favor, and get Dishare. You’ll love Eat!

Bon Appetite!

To the full and original article: The Jewish Voice