Dec 7, 2022

Fantastic Food News in December

An article in Times Square Chronicles written by Elizabeth Taylor

Fantastic Food News in December

"While December often concentrates on holiday parties and dishes, there are several newsworthy things worth some yummy discussion.

Dishare brings bliss to your takeout experience. Your phone with the app becomes like a personal chef as it shows options that match your diet and preferences and ordering it for you is just a small part of the magic. With the system’s “Foodprint” all you have to do is wait for the doorbell. Start off selecting options that include food preferences to taste, genre of dishes, food allergies and vegetarian even. It’s like a carefully mapped out foodie adventure that takes you on an epic and glorious food journey to the land of yummy menus full of variety. Get steak tacos or a healthy salad – it’s a world of opportunity no matter your neighborhood or region.

Working with delivery companies such as Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates, the food is promptly delivered to your home or office for the perfect meal in minutes. What is absolutely fantastic is that this certain breakfast, lunch, or dinner actually is a surprise. No longer do you have to ponder what to get. Let your taste buds and food desires and needs simply guide the app to select dishes for you."

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