Oct 3, 2022

Listen to this podcast episode with our Founder and CEO, Bar Reuven.

Bar Reuven’s road from founding the Cat association to disrupting your bfast, lunch… and dinner!

The Co-host Dr. Feffer interviews Bar Reuven on his experience as an IDF combat officer and a team leader in one of the four elite units in the Israeli Defence Forces.Bar is a Social and Business entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience and tangible results.

Bar Co-found the Cat 669 Alumni Association and The American Friends of Unit 669 (AFU 669).Bar explains the importance and need for social impact in everything you do, and how the IDF prepared him for the tiresome but rewarding hours that come with founding a company from scratch.

In addition, Bar shares crucial lessons he learned while serving in the IDF and how such lessons have prepared him to become an entrepreneur today.

Bar Reuven will also explain where the inspiration for creating Dishare came from, and how his Honeymoon led to build our company!Listen to an interesting entrepreneur with an interesting conclusion, and 1 amazing Dishare!

Listen to the Podcast now