Feb 19, 2023

New Israeli restaurant app offers 'personalized culinary experience'

Have you ever tried a new restaurant only to be sorely disappointed? Dishare vows to eliminate this problem, claiming to be to Netflix of food.

Have you ever tried a new restaurant only to be sorely disappointed? Dishare app, co-founded by former Israeli army combat officer Bar Reuven, vows to eliminate this problem, claiming to be to food 'what Netflix is to TV'

You’d never call me a picky eater. As someone who welcomed new, exciting food opportunities, I’d always thought of myself as foodie, long before the term was coined.

But after some really bad culinary experiences, even I came to realize that even my food bravery applies only within certain parameters.

Dishare application

I felt that I was starting to lose my sense of food adventure – and then I came across Dishare. This new app personalizes your culinary preferences so that you can dare to experiment beyond the same old, and be practically guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Using AI, Dishare help diners decide what to eat, helping to create unique and satisfying dining experiences.

“Dishare is to food what Spotify is to music and Netflix is to TV,” explains app co-founder Bar Reuven, an entrepreneur with experience in food startups. This former Israeli army combat officer from the elite Unit 669 came up with the concept a few years ago, when he and his wife were on their honeymoon in Japan. The newlyweds found that they were wasting far too much time searching for food that met their requirements. After researching food delivery businesses, Bar discovered that no one was using individual customer preferences. Dishare fuses the idea of creating a personalized culinary profile, or “FoodPrint,” in accordance with the customer’s location.

Your build your individual FoodPrint by selecting various options, such as your preferred types of food, cooking styles, health and spending preferences, as well as additional qualifications such as food allergies, kosher, vegan and more. Based on those parameters, suggestions for dishes at various restaurants will be forthcoming.

Bar Reuven

Dishare’s system for recommendations is a game-changer. With the proliferation of unreliable rating and scoring systems, Bar says, “we need to know which recommendations are trustworthy and relevant for us. The vast majority of consumers prefer a peer-to-peer recommendation when it comes to food.” Based on this information, together with social networking, crowdsourcing and AI, the app will help users decide what and where to eat for a consistently satisfying dining experience.

One really fun feature is the subscription for surprise, personalized food deliveries. “The customer picks the time and location and the Dishare algorithm will choose the dish in accordance with their foodprint,” explains Bar. “We’ll take care of delivery with one of the food delivery platforms from a local restaurant.” The surprise option is a welcome change of pace for company meals. It can also be an original gift option for that someone who has everything.

Today, Dishare meets the needs of hundreds of users in the New York City area, who enjoy discovering, comparing and reviewing tasty new culinary experiences, as well as receiving surprise deliveries. Nevertheless, Dishare is accessible for download and use all over the world. You can manage your profile, aggregate your food-related content, follow others, manage your feed and posts and more. In the planning stages is a feature that will merge the profiles of more than one user. This is especially handy, for example, when you want to choose a restaurant where one person is, say, on a low-carb diet and the other is a Chinese food fanatic. The app will come up with reliable suggestions that conform to both foodprints.

Bar’s first food startup was Mishlochof, a GPS-based app that delivered snacks, drinks and other items to beachgoers at their location on Israel’s beaches. Bar has also served as the manager of the annual startup competition at Tel Aviv University, and has headed the mentoring program of the Merage Institute Alumni Organization in Israel.

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