Oct 3, 2022

Partnership Announcement: Dishare is digesting you everything you need to know about food when you are dining out.

Dishare and Kaleidoo join forces to analyze the food you are dining out

According to our partnership announcement with Brizo Data Foodmetrics, we partnered with a project that is being managed and operated by 3 of the biggest and most advanced companies in the Israeli Ecosystem, to improve the insights about the food you eat.

Next month, more than 10 data scientists are going to work on this amazing project.

Rafael Advanced Combat Systems Ltd. and RAD Bynet Communications have entered a new cooperation agreement that includes initiating an educational-employment project that will help young people in the country’s northern region to be trained in AI and big data technologies.

The project will be led by Kaleidoo, which belongs to Bynet Communications, and will last one year for recent veterans of the IDF.

Kaleidoo helps its customers solve one of the most complex challenges in our new age – data flood. They help you grow your business, to be at the forefront of innovation, empowering and transform your business by adopting the most advanced AI technologies. Maximize your business growth by minimizing the work and infrastructure costs. Transform your data into information and information into knowledge in a secure and simple way. To do things differently and do different things, customize and tailor-made just for you!

In a supermarket, without exceptions, every product has its own nutrition facts. You as a consumer can see how many carbs, fat, sugar, etc. have in each product.

Why this is not the case when you are dining out, and for every dish? If I am on a Keto diet and I can eat a specific amount of carbs in every meal, how am I supposed to know what to order? Same if I have heart problems and I need to control my sodium, or if I have diabetes, and I need to control the amount of sugar I eat...

Imagine that you go into a restaurant and Dishare directs you to the relevant dishes for you based on your FoodPrint, not only if you prefer American cuisine over Italian, but also based on your food restrictions, diets, and more.

This collaboration will allow us to serve you this product development very soon.

Stay tuned...

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