Aug 22, 2022

"The app that will bring you the best dish for you!". This is what the innovation department of an Israeli news show, said about Dishare.

"The app that will bring you the best dish for you!".

Watch this segment from the "Opening Day" show on channel 13 of the Israeli TV. Hadar Aviel is the innovation expert guest who brings them once a week, the coolest, new, and most innovative products she came across. Luckily, this time, it was Dishare!

Some of Hadar's words:
"Each one of us has its own preferences. Culinary preferences, diets, allergies, a lot of things. For example, if we don't like tomatoes, or onions, we do like extra cucumber in our dish, etc.

We open a profile in which we define our culinary preferences, our diets, if there are any, for example, a low or high carb diet, if we have any allergies.
And based on our location, the app simply finds and matches us with the best and most fit dish for us."

"Now, the app constantly studies me, and my preferences, and then, in the next stage in the app, I set the day and time that I want to eat at, and I just wait to hear the doorbell with the best and right dish for me."